Book Project

Complete one of these major projects on your book. You will be graded on how thoroughly the project shows what happens throughout the book.


– Using the novel as the basis for your stories, columns, and editorials, create a newspaper or magazine based on or inspired by the book you are reading. (Minimum 300 words)

Storyboard – Translate chapters into storyboards (or cartoons); draw the most important scene in the chapter and explain its importance and action. Include at least 10 chapters. (Minimum 200 words)

Movie – Write a script for and act out a dramatic video that reenacts the basic plot of your book including all key moments. Present the video to the class. (Minimum 150 words)

Skit – Write and act out for the class a 5 to 8 minute skit (with other actors) that reenacts the basic plot of your book including all key moments. (Minimum 150 words)

Puppet show – Turn the book into a puppet show. Make the puppets yourself, use ones you have, or use dolls. Write a script and enlist helpers. Then put on a 5 to 8 minute show for the class. (Minimum 150 words)

Children’s Book – Adapt the book for a younger audience by making it into children’s book. Be sure to include art and text that shows the most important points in each chapter. (Minimum 250 words)

Diary / Journal – Imagine that a major character in the book keeps a diary. What would it sound like? What would it be about? Create at least three pages from the diary in a way that seems true to the character and includes important events from the book. (Minimum 300 words)

Missing Chapters – Write an opening chapter to the book, add a chapter that might have been left out of the middle, and add a chapter onto the end. Each chapter should include main characters from the book and plot choices that make sense. Make each mini-chapter more than 100 words.

Evolving Dioramas – Create a series of 3-5 dioramas that show particularly important scenes in the book. Try to bring the story to life through the 3-D models. Include numerous visual details that can be found in the book. List all of the elements from the book that can be seen in the diorama.

Joining the Story: Throw yourself into the book and retell the story as if you had been there to interact with the main characters. What would you do, say, think if you “traveled” into the story you are reading? (Minimum 300 words)

Imaginary Interview: Interview 4 to 6 characters in the book in order to hear their side of the story. What do they think of the other characters and what happens in the book? (Minimum 300 words)

Notes and Quotes: Select at least 15 quotes from the book that provide real insight into what the book is about. Write a thoughtful commentary and analysis on each one. (Minimum 300 words)



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