How to find your Lexile

I will provide you with a Lexile score based on your NWEA or Achieve 3000 scores. This number, however, is a reflection of how well you did on one test, on one day, sometime during the beginning of the year. If you didn’t take the test seriously, you were distracted, or you simply don’t test well, your Lexile might be dramatically different than the number derived from those tests. Below, you’ll find a list of average Lexile ranges for students in different grades.

If you suspect that the Lexile you received in testing is incorrect:

1)      Find your grade level on the chart below

Grade 1 Lexile Range   200-350 Grade 7 Lexile Range   880-1090
Grade 2 Lexile Range   350-500 Grade 8 Lexile Range   910-1140
Grade 3 Lexile Range   500-750 Grade 9 Lexile Range   1030-1160
Grade 4 Lexile Range   620-910 Grade 10 Lexile Range   1080-1210
Grade 5 Lexile Range   730-960 Grade 11 Lexile Range   1130-1260
Grade 6 Lexile Range   800-1030 Grade 12 Lexile Range   1180-1300


2)      Find a book that matches your grade level.

3)      Read a chapter of it.

4)      Honestly ask yourself if the chapter was too easy or too hard for you.

5)      Note: Remember, you’re not trying to figure out if you “liked” the book. Something can be at your reading level but completely boring to you. For instance, I can read anything Steven King has written, but 99% of it is junk as far as I’m concerned (your opinion of King’s work may be different).

6)      If the chapter you read was too hard (if you didn’t understand more than four or five words on the page, it was too hard) try a book 100-150 points below that book’s Lexile.

7)      If you knew every word on the page (or struggled with less than 2), the book was too easy. Try a book 100-150 points above that book’s Lexile.


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