To find the Lexile of a book


2)      In the top right corner of the page, there is a text box.

3)      Type the title of the book or the author’s name into the box and press enter.

4)      Scroll down until you find the book. If the book is there, click on it. If the book is not there, see The Rule of Five, below.

5)      Note: You might also search for a book’s Lexile using a search engine. Type the name of the book and the word Lexile into an engine like Google. See what comes up. Be warned though, Barnes and Nobles and Scholastic provide Lexiles for many books, and these are generally reliable; however, other sites might provide a Lexile that they, themselves, have estimated. These may be accurate or inaccurate depending on the individual site. If a book feels too difficult, it probably is.


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